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CuriousLurker9/28/2013 4:21:29 pm PDT

re: #128 jaunte

Vesuvio - Spaccanapoli


You’re a mountain, but a
swearing mountain.
You’re death, but death
that may shake.

Mountain of lava,
of hundreds of streets,
you hold my life in your hands.

Is this a place for homes
or a place for jail?
Where you’re locked
from morning till night?

You’re purgatory for
all these people
who live in slums
and who live in need.

Whether you smoke or not
you still make noise
it’s the fire you bear
in your heart.

When the night falls
and the sky gets dark
the mere thought of you
makes us tremble.

Those who live with you
don’t be surprised
if they go mad
they really are mad.

The only safety for us
would be to run away from you…
and yet, where shall we go?
sooner or later
this river of lava
will drag us along and
leave us homeless.

You’re a mountain, but what a mountain.



Si monte s, ma monte
e na iastemma
si a morte s, ma a morte
ca p tremma

Muntagna fatta e lava
e ciente vie
tu tiene mmano a te sta vita mia

So pizzi e case
o so pizzi e galera?
ar stai chiuso
ra matina a sera

Si o purgatorio e tutte
chesta gente
ca vive inte barracche
e vive e stiente

Si fumme o si nun fumme
faie rummore
o ffuoco ca te puorte
rinto core

Quanno fa notte
e o cielo se fa scuro
sulo o ricordo e te
ce fa paura

Chi campa nzieme a te
te pare niente
si esce pazzo
pazzo overamente

Lunica verit pe tutte quante
sarria chella e fu
ma po ar iammo
primma ca cocche ghiuorne
stu ffuoco e lava
ce porta a tuttu quante
mmieza via !

Si monte s, ma monte