Another Brilliant Deep Dive by John Oliver: Gene Editing

Blind Frog Belly White7/02/2018 3:25:30 pm PDT

re: #123 BigPapa

I’m fairly experienced in construction being in the same trade for almost 30 years. Plumbing, nope. No way. I’ll hire a pro every time.

For years, my wife wanted me to build her a pergola. I told her that I don’t feel competent to build a structure that big and heavy by myself in a place that has earthquakes and where the clay soil alternates between squishy, and concrete-like. I said she should hire a professional.

She doesn’t believe me, claiming that because I can build bows out of wood, I should be able to build a pergola.

So we still don’t have a pergola, and it’s apparently my fault.

Almost exactly unlike a pergola.