My Thoughts Episode IV: A New Hype (final edit)

EiMitch11/14/2016 6:49:44 pm PST

re: #11 wrenchwench

I looked for a map telling me that. Did not find. Do not care. Then I’d have to find out the makeup of each county demographically. Prove your own point.

Funny, I entered “us presidential election map 2016 county” into google, and this was the first result:

And here is the map:

Not much different from the 2012 map:

I didn’t say anything about searching county info in detail. But since you brought it up, go here:

Then scroll down to any state you want to examine by county, and click “Detailed Results” in blue text on the right.

You’ve been spoon-fed. Now quit living in denial of the urban/countryside divide. It’s real.