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Cheechako7/10/2018 9:21:05 pm PDT

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Checking in from a hotel in Terry, Montana.

I have some bad news. I regret to inform you that summer appears to be over in SE Alaska. After a week of nice sunny days with temps in the 70โ€™s it is now raining and about 52. And the forecast is for rain/showers and with temps in the 50โ€™s for the next week. Typical weather for the Rain Forest.

Fortunately for you, youโ€™ll be quite a ways inland behind the coastal mountains for most of your trip and the weather should be much better. The coastal mountains tend to block much of the wet weather from advancing inland.

Another weather indication is the fireweed plant. They have started flowering. They bloom from the bottom to the top of the stem and the legend is that when the blooming reaches the tip of the stem summer is officially over. Takes about 4-6 weeks so youโ€™re safe to visit.