This Is Good: Some More News Dives Deeply Into What It All Means: "The Impeachable Mr. Trump" [VIDEO]

Belafon11/24/2019 12:48:37 pm PST

re: #7 Eclectic Cyborg

My predictions on Impeachment are the following:

1) The senate trial will be over ridiculously fast.

2) The Senate will vote NOT to impeach Trump.

3) Mcconnell, Gaetz, Jordan, Nunes, half the fucking Senate and any male named Trump will gloat mercilessly about how the Dems lost the “Witch Hunt.”

4) Russia will once again fuck us all and get Trump re-elected next year.

I’m going to go against the fourth. They couldn’t win the governorship in KY and LA. They completely lost VA. People will be pissed (far better than resigned) and turn out to vote.