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Targetpractice9/26/2020 5:19:39 pm PDT

re: #7 Cheechako

The key to “interviewing” Barrett is for the Democrats to lead her down a road of questioning where if she does answer questions truthfully it will damage her creditability to the Republicans and if she lies it could lead to an impeachment after the election/inauguration.

At this point, the best course is one that either forces her to acknowledge the reasons why her nomination is being put forward or show her as being dishonest with the American people.

Repubs want to make her religion their shield? Show their hypocrisy by questioning her on the legality of allowing religious courts to rule on civil or criminal matters outside the boundaries of their faith. Then point out that making her religious beliefs the centerpiece of their support for her nomination indicates that they believe she will not be able to put those beliefs aside when ruling on matters of the law.

The election? Ask her to pledge to recuse herself from any cases brought by the WH, by Trump’s campaign, or even Trump himself challenging lower court rulings on the election. When she refuses or tries to dodge the question by saying she won’t make that decision until the challenge reaches the SCOTUS, remark that you never expected her to do so because if she were the sort of nominee who would agree to such, Trump would not have nominated her and Senate Repubs wouldn’t be so desperate to get her on the bench before the election.