Beck: Hooray for McCarthyism!

Oh no...Sand People!6/25/2010 10:20:23 am PDT

re: #12 Lidane

Except we’re not talking about Al Gore. We’re talking about McCarthy and his lies and smears of good people. He ruined lives. I have a real hard time finding any sympathy for the guy.

The entire point: They weren’t lies and smears. No matter how one wants to ‘nuance’ it and ‘frame the debate’, at the end of the day he was correct in who he pointed out.

So, that’s it, love him or hate him, one can even disagree that communism wasn’t as large a threat as it was made out to be (different topic entirely) regardless of what he was personally, what he did stands on it’s own. That ‘standing’ on it’s own, is what I care about. Not his personal flaws, or whether or not if his methods were ‘palatable’ to the masses. He was right.