Cordoba House Rejects Meeting with Paterson About Moving

Nick Schroeder8/18/2010 10:27:05 am PDT

This is the most retarded non-controversy I’ve ever seen in my life. A) It’s a community center with a prayer room, not an ‘Islamofascist Supermax Terror MegaMosque of Doom’. B) 95% of the people who ‘care’ about this don’t even live in New York and large portion of them would probably, at any other time, decry New Yorkers as smug ivory tower elitist liberals. C) The ‘terrorist Imam’ that would run the prayer room traveled the middle east on behalf of the Bush administration denouncing terrorism and praising the American way of life. D) A derelict Burlington Coat Factory is not ‘hallowed ground’. E) It’s blocks away from Ground Zero, and there is a, real actual Mosque just 2 blocks away from this that’s been there since the 1970’s that no one seems to care about. F) There’s an actual Mosque in the Pentagon that no one seems to care about.

This is, plain and simple, election cycle ‘OOGA BOOGA SCARY MUSLIMS’ bullshit, and it saddens me that so many people are falling for it. It’s nice that with all the actual problems we are facing, half the country is frothing with spittle over the construction of the Muslim equivalent of a YMCA.

And by ‘nice’, I mean fucking retarded.