Jim Hoft: Internet's Dimmest Bulb?

WINDUPBIRD DISEASE [S.K.U.M.M.]9/22/2010 1:04:25 pm PDT

I’m been thinking about this:

is the internet killing the republican party?

Because what you have with the Republicans, is all these wackos in the base, these people who truly believe the most insane and horrible things, they all have far more of a voice than they ever would have pre-internet. No blogs, no avenue for a guy like this to make a mark, because the establishment GOP wouldn’t let him

But nowadays, they all have voices! And they can speak to the base straight up and be just as crazy as they are, and the establishment GOP which used to keep a lid on the crazy, now they’re helpless to stop it, because it’s the internet, it’s twitter, it’s blogs, it’s this hive mind full of rage that can’t be controlled. And you have people with a brain on their shoulders in the GOP like Rove and Frum, just getting beaten into the ground by these bug-eyed freaks who think witchcraft is real and the president is simultaneously a muslim and a satanist