Dennis Prager: Fallen Hero

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus1/07/2011 8:23:14 pm PST

Here’s a (friendly) bio of Prager written in 1992:

Dennis Prager: A Profile

Margolis writes:


Prager’s emergence as a radio personality seems as accidental as his career as a lecturer and the road it opened to Brandeis-Bardin. In 1983, as he was leaving Brandeis and deciding against a run for Congress, L.A. School Board member Roberta Weintraub, impressed by a Prager lecture, recommended him to KABC. His debut as a fill-in moderator for the Sunday-night “Religion on the Line” program, on which a rabbi, priest and minister discussed religious issues with listeners, was such a success that he was hired permanently while still on the air.

Religion, and the spin Prager put on it, brought in listeners. During his years as host of “Religion on the Line” and the other KABC talk shows to which he graduated, Prager’s ratings have been high, according to station president George Green, often luring up to a quarter of total audience share and consistently getting the highest ratings among the station’s programs.


So Prager got into the talk-show business, and the feeding of the large “conservative” talk-show listening audience, through religion.

Not unlike TV evangelists.

The religion industry has launched many a career.