Understanding Terrorism (Video)

researchok6/28/2011 8:44:12 pm PDT

re: #11 Naso Tang

I presumed you have missed a few exchanges. WW and I have had a few dust ups, mainly about her down dinging my critiques of CL posts without comment. I find it tiresome when people downding without comment unless the post in question is something really obscene, or exceptionally stupid (which I only do once per year).

However I figure I have enough karma left to last me for a few years yet, so I will challenge all dingalings to use the keyboard instead of the poor mouse.

I missed those exchanges, but when all said and done, I believe character and not comments is what counts.

WW and I don’t always see eye to eye politically, but overall I respect her and like her. I have to credit her with pointing me in the right direction at times and I believe I’ve given her stuff to think about. We’ve been at odds from time to time, but overall, we actually engage in productive exchange. That’s one of the reasons I like this place.

In any event, WW is stand up. Disagreeing is not cause to be offended. This place works because on the scale, it isn’t personal.