Tuesday Night Slow Blues: Joe Bonamassa, "The Great Flood"

Eventual Carrion9/12/2018 7:48:00 am PDT

re: #129 Citizen K

I’m still salty as fuck over Facebook endorsing Weekly Standard as a fact-check outlet and letting them be arbiters of ‘fact’. Especially so when you have folks trying some kind of dumb ‘gotcha’ moment about ‘oh, NOW libs care about censorship!’. Ignoring the difference between Alex Jones being kicked off the service for being a rabble-rousing, harassing piece of shit, and one partisan outlet being effectively given carte blanche to determine ‘the truth’.

The Facebook fact checking thing is a lot more pernicious than kicking off users, because it not just ‘censoring’ a voice, but promoting one even more partisan, taking sides, and then lifting it up as the one true truth.

Things like this is why my last posting on Facebook a few months ago before deleting my account was “FUCK FACEBOOK”.