Seth Meyers: Trump Freaks Out in Argentina [VIDEO]

Anymouse 🌹12/04/2018 4:21:00 am PST

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Ah, yes, and let’s toss in one more AMAZING COINCIDENCE: Several of the witnesses are related to a gent named Leslie McCrae Dowless, a charming fellow hired by the Harris campaign as a contractor, according to affidavits. If Harris won, said one, Dowless would get $40,000 cash. He insisted on cash. Dowless was convicted in 1992 of felony fraud against an insurance company, not to mention a number of misdemeanor grifts over the years like kiting checks and failure to pay taxes. Public Radio aficionados may remember him from a segment on This American Life about absentee vote frauding in 2016:

He had some people working for him, getting out the vote— volunteers, McCrae calls them. The volunteers, though, were allegedly getting paid for each ballot they turned in. That is illegal. One of the voters who signed an affidavit said that Get Out the Vote workers came by and had her family request absentee ballots. But then they never received their absentee ballots in the mail like they were supposed to. Then, when the family went to vote on election day, they were told they’d already voted. In essence, McCrae’s getting accused of paying people to obtain absentee ballots, fill them out, and cast their votes on someone else’s behalf. That, for sure, is illegal. McCrae says he didn’t do anything wrong.

North Carolina Election F*ckery Just Got F*ckier

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