Colbert on Trump's Absurdly Bad Advice for the Notre Dame Cathedral [VIDEO]

HappyWarrior4/17/2019 1:07:58 pm PDT

re: #128 Dr Lizardo

It is especially absurd in the United States - we’re not like the modern European nation-states, which are largely based on long-standing ethnolinguistic groups (Czechs, Slovaks, Poles, the French, the Germans, etc.).

It’s utterly ridiculous.

Indeed. We were never formed on the basis of ethnicity, religion, etc. We were formed based on the principles of the Declaration and Constitution and even though the Founders definitely were flawed and prejudiced, that was their intention when they set up the Republic. The colonies were full of men, women, and children from many different backgrounds. I’ve found way, way distant relatives of mine who settled in Pennsylvania generations before Lexington and Concord.