Amazing Image of the Day: NASA's SOFIA Telescope Reveals the Magnetic Field Keeping Milky Way's Black Hole Quiet

Love-Child of Cassandra and Sisyphus6/21/2019 8:09:07 pm PDT

Yesterday I commented, negatively, about the new Fox network game show Spin The Wheel.

As is usual, there are people on IMDB giving it a “10” on the rating scale, but only a few. There are only 14 ratings so far, which is probably a sign that this network show is not going to last long. I gave it a “3” as did someone else.

Anyway, it’s on Hulu if you really want to watch it.

Thing is, the host, Dax Shepard, apparently is somewhat popular in Hollywood circles and he is long-time married to Kristen Bell so he has gotten quite a bit of attention. He’s probably a great guy (at least from the interviews), but he’s saddled with a game show that is dubious in value.