Shock News! NSA Needs a Warrant to Analyze Social Connections of an American

sagehen9/28/2013 4:36:22 pm PDT

OT for Television Talk!! Everybody check out the pilots yet?

Hostages: the premise can’t hold for long… but I like Dylan McDermott so I won’t give up yet.

Blacklist: much better than the premise sounds. James Spader is awesome, the rest of the cast I’d never heard of before is awesome, and the writing, direction and cinematography so far is sharp. Two thumbs up.

Sleepy Hollow: cheesy as hell, but my new genre crush. Fanfic so far is mostly humor based around “Ichabod meets the internet, Ichabod gets an iPhone, Ichabod in a jacuzzi”… but I have hopes.

Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. — I’ve never seen any of the Avengers movies, or read the comics, which might be why I don’t hate it as much as my f-List does. Lukewarm.

Dads: OMG it sucks so bad. I’m disappointed, I like Martin Mull and wanted to like the show.

Trophy Wife: I suppose if there’s nothing else on I’d find it reasonably non-offensive, but it’s not great. I wanted to like it (Bradley Whitford!!), but meh.

Back in the Game: apparently James Caan and Scott Caan are trying to make their characters related. I swear this alcoholic retired baseball player, emotionally abusive bad father, has every hand gesture and vocal snap as Danno Williams. But it works better on Danno.

Brooklyn 99: Kind of cute, but not great. The writing isn’t sharp enough to make best use of Andy Samberg and Andre Braugher.

The Goldbergs: The 80’s were dull. This sitcom set in the 80’s is dull. Anybody who grew up in the 80’s will find it dull. People in their 80’s might like it.

The Crazy Ones: when you set your show in an ad agency, the product placement possibilities are limitless. Also, it sucks so much more than Robin Williams and Sarah Michelle Geller should ever suck.

The Michael J. Fox Show: That’s my neighborhood!! They use my subway station, the bench they’re sitting on for the cast photo at the end of the credits is the exact same bench I sit on after the gym to eat a bagel and read the paper. And the itsy bitsy park they’re sitting in front of, in the neighborhood’s pre-gentrification days was needle park (as in, “Panic in Needle Park”. The place was much grittier then, when my grandparents took this apartment at what was then a fair price for such a dangerous area. Thanks to the wonders of rent control, I now live in luxury for less than 1/3 market value. Socialism!!). But I digress; I was going to say something about the show, wasn’t I? Not bad I suppose, I wasn’t paying attention. Hey look! they buy food from the same market I do!!