Jason Isbell With Chris Thile and Chris Eldridge: "White Man's World"

wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam1/28/2019 5:58:57 am PST

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See what gets me upset is how goddamn clueless white people are about many of our immigrant experiences yet love casting that stone. I see the usual suspects love to rag on Jorge Ramos and Univision(speaking of Ramos, haven’t heard from him in recent months) but ethnic newspapers were a big part of the European immigrant experience as were ethnic fraternal organizations. I even have my Great Grandfather mentioned as being part of a Slovene one in his obituary. And I have another one, a second great grandfather on the German side active in German-American societies. The more honest nativists like Coulter will admit that they’re threatened by these people because they look different. White people need to understand history better.

Both my Swedish-American grandmas had Swedish Bibles and dad’s mom belonged to the Vasa Lodge and sometimes read a Swedish newspaper published in the USA.