Imam Rauf on CNN

Charles Johnson9/08/2010 7:38:06 pm PDT

re: #118 Killgore Trout

Some video for those of us without tv…
Imam: Islamic center location a national security issue
This is the same argument made about burning the Quran. We can’t burn the Quran because it might anger Muslim terrorists overseas. We have to build the mosque or it will anger Muslim terrorists overseas. I’m all in favor of building the mosque but I really think it’s a very bad idea the start basing our freedoms on avoid offense to people who are always going to be offended. US casualties will not rise or fall over what happens to a mosque or a Quran in the US. It makes no fucking difference and I se no need to kiss the asses of violent foreign extremists.

I think you’re missing the bigger picture here — he didn’t say the mosque had to be built to avoid enraging extremists. In fact, he said if he knew in advance what would happen, he wouldn’t have started the proposal. His point was that NOW it has become an issue that is being used by extremist factions.