Exhilaratingly Weird: Anna Meredith, "Killjoy"

NetworkKed9/26/2020 10:48:31 am PDT

Since the last major revisions of Diet Coke and Diet Pepsi, I don’t have any strong preference. (Though the Diet Coke syrup/fountain blend seems a bit better?) DP is too damn sweet. Generics are just generic fizzy for when you’re in that mood. In northern IN I think I can find Tab in cans, but not 2-liters which is my preferred form-factor. (I don’t think I’ve seen Tab in anything but cans since 1985 or so.) Tab is great - I don’t think they still make it with saccharine, but that was the thing that separated it when everything else went aspartame.

I got a (very simple) K-cup brewer last Christmas, and a large amount of my caffiene intake has migrated to coffee because of it. One K-cup makes a first mug that is a little strong, then a second mug that is a little weak. Sometimes I sweeten, sometimes I don’t. It comes out at 25-30 cents per mug, which beats most cola anymore.

McDonalds branded K-cups are surprisingly good. Gevalia is very nice if slightly pricier. For cheap I’ll take almost any generic that’s labeled as a “breakfast blend” - got a box of 100 of those from Amazon last month which will hold me for a while.