Mark Knopfler - Going Home: Theme of the Local Hero (17th Oct 2020)

O say, does that Star Spangled Banner yet wave..10/26/2020 8:24:07 am PDT


For anyone worried that the race may be “tightening”, Trump’s odds of winning on remain at 12%, the same as on October 17. In contrast, on October 31, 2016, 8 days out from the election, the race had been tightening for two weeks, and Trump’s odds had already improved to 25%, on their way to peaking at 35%. Wikileaks and James Comey aren’t riding to Trump’s rescue, and he now has a record of profound failure he can’t defend with lies.

Mrs. Fish is absolutely paranoid that the Democrats are resting on their laurels and that Trump will still pull out a win. I am trying to remind her regularly that unlike 2016, there is no voter apathy toward Biden, and everyone feels such a strong sense of urgency to get rid of this douchecanoe that they are pressing to vote by any means possible.