Iran Cancels Gaza Flotilla, US State Dept. Denounces Blockade Runners

McSpiff6/24/2010 3:30:25 pm PDT

re: #101 albusteve

I’d be glad to hear your opinion regarding Iran…do you have one?

Honestly, I don’t really have a strong opinion on Iran. I was hoping to see a democratic revolution after the last elections, and then at the 1 year anniversary but we all know that didn’t come to pass.

The entire Afghanistan mission has zapped my country’s (Canada’s) military to such a degree that I highly doubt we’d be involved in any Iranian conflict for at least a decade, except maybe for enforcing a naval blockade.

Has Iran done enough to justify an American/Israeli attack? Yep, they’ve been asking for one since ‘79. Do I think politically and militarily its the best idea for the US/Israel to do so… honestly, its outside of my pay grade. Kicking a cornered dog can get you bit. But sometimes a cornered dog will bite anyways.

I tend to use a rational actor model in my mind, and there is no rational reason for Iran to attack Israel. At the same time I don’t make a very good religious fanatic, so I can’t really think like one either. There’s also no guarantee that a coup wouldn’t lead to an even more hardline regime, one we really wouldn’t want to have nukes.

So if America and Israel want to do all the hard work, I’ll support them, but I don’t think Canada has the capacity to be involved.