Imam Rauf on CNN

Reginald Perrin9/08/2010 7:38:23 pm PDT

re: #74 Dark_Falcon

They all went loony over at ‘Diary of Dorkus’ today. Someone showed up to call them stalkers and they went crazy-pile on. Fun to read.

Larry Snork Reisinger got tired of my asking him why he has refused my offer of a debate and had me banned at DoD. Or it may have been Mark Savage Donato who did the dirty deed because he was annoyed about my asking why he lost his license to drive trucks. The man is fifty years old, unemployed and living with his lefty mother. He actually blogged that he wanted to beat up his mother because he was tired of listening to her political views. He also failed on an epic scale with his blog war against Think Progress.

He is not plain stupid, he’s sofa-king stupid.