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sagehen5/08/2019 6:41:58 am PDT

re: #119 Joe Bacon 🌹

Makes me want to support a maximum wage for the rich where nobody can net more than 80% of the President’s salary. If you can’t make ends meet on $320K a year, tighten your belt…

I’d prefer something like what Ben & Jerry’s had in their original corporate plans — a maximum ratio of highest-paid staffer to lowest-paid. I think at the time of original incorporation it was something like 25-1…

If your company’s successful, if you have a good product at a fair price and lots of people want it, then of course the company should be raking it in. But everyone who works there should get to share the prosperity they helped create.

I don’t question that Lee Iococca was more valuable to Chrysler than any of the line workers… I do question the notion that he was more valuable than the entire swing shift all added together. If they didn’t make a quality product in a reasonable time frame, he’d have nothing to market.

It doesn’t cost as much as it might look like upfront — Costco wages are about double what Walmart pays, plus pretty decent benefits, but because there’s much lower turnover and much lower breakage (theft), it doesn’t in the end cost twice as much.