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snapped shot9/09/2009 12:00:27 pm PDT

re: #114 Charles

Connections to fascist groups don’t bother you? Links to bigoted hate sites like Brussels Journal don’t bother you? Links to sites where they call for violence against me — none of that bothers you?

It’s just a “disagreement?”

Again: My continued linking of Paul after his implied threats against you was an oversight, not something I endorsed or accepted. Obviously that kind of rhetoric “bothers” me.

As regards to the esteemed Mr. Spencer, I have yet to see any convincing evidence that he’s a Nazi-in-hiding. And I don’t personally link the Brussels Journal, so I don’t understand where that relates to me.

(Unless we Lizardoids are now required do a depth-first hierarchical scan of our blogrolls before commenting here, that is. ;) )