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Decatur Deb5/10/2019 8:48:51 pm PDT

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re: #30 Decatur Deb

The VA tells me I have creeping cataracts. For now they say surgical intervention is not necessary, but they will “keep an eye on them.”

At the point surgery is necessary, they will schedule the required examinations and procedures. Cost to me, $0.

I got a letter from the hospital in Scottsbluff telling me they’d forwarded my mammogram results to the VA (I already knew that), and that my bill is $0. (The VA paid for it.)

There is no reason in this country every person cannot have care without the intervention and profit-skimming of insurance companies, except for capitalist greed.

If you’re getting good surveillance, the doc will probably recommend the simple surgery before you even feel the need. Then when it’s done you’ll be shocked by the improvement.

People go blind through glaucoma for want of simple testing. When that happens the cost in disability and rehabilitation dwarfs the cost of detection and prevention. I grew up around blind and crippled veterans begging in the street. The mofos-in-charge are set to send us back again, if they dare.