The Bob Cesca Podcast: Nation of Suckers

Weaselone11/27/2019 5:45:16 am PST

re: #96 Shropshire Slasher

Ask yourself this question, do you honestly feel that they would convict in the Senate? If the answer is no, then why go through with it? Tying everyone up before an election, impeachment exasperation will set in and could turn everyone quite negative. Fight the battles you can win. I believe there are still some banking and IRS things they can hang on Trump.

Just some quick questions. Do you also apply this logic to other cases where jury bias is essentially a given and therefore conviction is highly unlikely? Should prosecutors not bring police who shoot unarmed civilians to trial? During the civil rights era was the failure of local prosecutors to bring people who committed lynchings to trial justified by the fact that a jury would never vote to convict?