Joe Biden's Great In-Depth Interview With Stephen Colbert: Trump Put the Country in a Terrible Spot by Failing to Act [VIDEO]

stpaulbear5/22/2020 12:36:13 pm PDT

re: #93 Hecuba’s daughter

Many of us are concerned that, due to the plans to develop this vaccine on such an accelerated schedule, the initial version may be neither safe nor effective, but designed solely to improve Trump’s re-election chances. Suppose a vaccine is released on October 15. Do you really believe that it’s a good idea to take it? It would not be surprising if the manufacturer is not liable for adverse side effects and if the government also refuses to accept any responsibility either.

I’d be more willing to take it if it was developed outside on the US. A Trump-endorsed vaccine made by private interests? Maybe I wouldn’t want to be at the front of the line.