Trevor Noah: Trump Denies the Science of Climate Change as Scientists Discover Signs of Life on Venus

dangerman9/16/2020 6:24:04 am PDT

re: #117 lawhawk

That’s not possible. The IRS has his tax filings. They know what he’d owe.

And if they’re released, everyone else would know. But his tax bill would remain the same either way. Cohen’s just not that smart. Or knowledgeable about the taxes (or much else).

The most likely reason Trump wont release his taxes is because they’d show who he owes money too and that his actual income is far lower than anyone claiming to be a billionaire would be expected to have.

For the moneys owed, they’d point to Russian oligarchs and foreign banks.
For the income, they’d show how he’s laundering money between his businesses - claiming income and expenses simply by moving the same money around, and not actually generating revenue other than the money he’s getting from taxpayers for staying at his golf and hotel businesses at every opportunity.

Guessing here:

Multiple millions of public eyes vs a handful at the irs
The extent of the fraud becomes inescapable
Statute of limitations goes out the window