In Which Joe Biden Suggests He Might Pick a Republican as Running Mate [VIDEO]

Jay C12/31/2019 6:16:06 am PST

re: #127 steve_davis

Look, Joe’s been a politician for a long time, and he’s worked nationally, where you don’t get to stand in front of adoring audiences breathlessly grateful for discussion of universal health care. If you want to win places like Michigan and Wisconsin, you’re going to do it by letting right-leaning independents and the handful of decent Republicans left in the world know that you aren’t going to crucify people upside down if you’re elected. So yes, you provide some pablum, when asked, about how you would run with a Republican, IF you found an eminently decent one, which isn’t going to happen, so it’s not really a concern.

Agree: and on the list of Dumb Things Joe Biden Says, this one (IMO) doesn’t even rank particularly high. Old Joe is a long-time, old-school Party guy: he’s running for President on the Party line, by the Party rules, and knows that he’s going to have to have his nomination confirmed by the Party, at the National Convention next summer (in the full glare of the media) - even if he wanted to have his best friend in the world, the most reasonable Republican in Washington* as his running mate, he’d still have to convince the rest of the entire Democratic Party apparatus that it is a good idea. Which, just as a SWAG, Ain’t. Gonna. Happen.

* a fantasy construction, to be sure: as repeatedly noted