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Dr Lizardo10/18/2020 8:06:43 pm PDT

re: #115 Florida Panhandler

Someone on Reddit came up with this outcome of a “Trump flees to Russia” scenario, and it’s pretty realistic, IMHO:

Imagine Trump in Russia. For the first couple of months it’s the biggest story in the world. He does interviews on Russian State TV, talking about how the Deep State caused him to flee the Country. Insisting he’s still the President.

But then, slowly but as sure as the changing tide, fewer journalists are calling. Fewer requests for an interview. For a couple months he can still call up reporters and have what he says to them be newsworthy. But eventually they stop returning his calls. America and the world has moved on. He was a blip, a flash in the pan. He exposed deep wounds that the American people need to address. But he was a complication, not the original infection.

No one really wants to know what he has to say anymore. Because no one cares.

He’s now truly alone. In reality he has always been alone. He just hadn’t realized it. Now he has regular contact with no one but his FSB bodyguards/handlers. He’s stuck in a golden prison of his own making. He lives next to Yanukovych. But Viktor, being Ukrainian knows the culture and the language. Trump is never able to master anything but the ability to mumble some words that border on the incomprehensible in the language.

His days are spent in a unexceptional (in his eyes), dacha on the black sea. He’s never far from the ever present sight of Russian Security Services. He lives off a modest Kremlin funded stipend. But domestic pressure is building on the United Russia Party to scale it back. He has no income of his own anymore. His assets are frozen and seized around the World.

His children are indicted. He didn’t tell them of his plans to flee beforehand and they were as surprised as anyone. But, perhaps for the first time in their lives, Ivanka, Don Jr. and Eric feel the curious absence of a pressure they can’t explain. At first they can’t figure it out. They each face years in prison yet they have never felt more free. They confide in each other and they soon realize that the weight lifted from their souls is that of their father.

Free from his domineering presence they all plea to lesser charges. Putting the blame squarely on the narcissistic father whose “Stockholm Syndrome” like grip on them is slipping. They are sentenced. Don Jr. gets 18 months in Federal Prison. Ivanka and Jared are sentenced to staggered 12 month sentences. Eric cooperates fully and is not charged.

They are forbidden from contacting their father as part of their plea agreements. But they have no such desires. They don’t care.

Melania files for divorce almost immediately after his flight. She gains full custody of Barron in uncontested hearings. Her and her son are slowly spending more and more time in Slovenia. Eventually they relocate permanently. Melania and Barron split their time between Ljubljana and the French Riviera. Very sparingly visiting the States anymore. Her autobiography detailing the mental, emotional, and at times physical abuse she suffered becomes an international best seller. Trump’s American passport has long since been revoked and the Slovene Government, as well as the EU, bans him from entry into the Schengen Area. He never sees, much less talks to them, again

Trump becomes increasingly paranoid. He frequently tears his dacha apart looking for listening devices planted by Mossad, the Democrats, CIA, MI6 or whatever globalist conspiracy is hunting him this week. Soon he has no use for the teenage sex workers he has always fancied. Never having been a drinker, food becomes his only vice. He begins to put on weight. A lot of weight. As he slips into morbid obesity he nears 355 pounds.

He very often rants and raves at his bodyguards. His tenuous grip on reality is slipping. Some days he doesn’t seem to know where he is. He is borderline catatonic on occasion. Spending days in his bedroom suite without leaving, only to eventually emerge in a fresh, albeit cheap and ill-fitting, suit. His wispy hair, long kept alive by the marvels of modern hair care technology, perfectly coiffed. During these fleeting moments of seeming sanity, he doesn’t seem to remember much of the last decades. Believing himself to still be a pompous fixture of the New York real estate scene. He once even asked his handlers how the New Jersey Generals were fairing this season.

But within two or three days he is once again disheveled and ranting about the Deep State. His speech becoming more slurred and incomprehensible by the year. A series of strokes leaves his body partially paralyzed on one side. He now requires round the clock nursing. Incontinence soon follows.

Eventually he’s found on the floor of his dacha, face down in a puddle of his own vomit. He is discovered by the morning nurse as she begins her shift. His breathing is slow, his heart rate is faint. He never again regains consciousness. He looks to have collapsed at some point in the night. During a mad, partially paralyzed slog to the bathroom in a vain attempt to avoid soiling his bed once again.

The official cause of death is a heart attack. Which is likely true but having outlived his usefulness, the Russian government has long since seen him as an embarrassing liability. His asylum has been a sticking point in relations with the West for years and conspiracy theories alleging his assassination at the hands of the FSB or CIA abound.

The Russians offer to repatriate his remains. Although his family, while not outright refusing, is lukewarm to the prospect. They have moved on. Barron and Tiffany don’t even use his surname anymore. Unable to find a solution, the Russians bury him in a modest grave. It was originally planned to be temporary but a long term solution never comes to fruition. Before too long everyone has forgotten.

In death he remains infamous. His name uttered in the same breath as other embarrassing episodes of American History. Although more as the butt of ridicule and scorn. After all, it’s not like he was even competent enough get the country into a real disaster such as Vietnam or the Iraq War.

In US History textbooks he is relegated to a few paragraphs. Not more than half a page. He’s brought up in conjunction with a wider discussion on the Political gridlock of the late 2000s, 2010s and early 20s. In the end, he is nothing more than the answer to a few multiple choice questions on an 11th Grade History Final. His legacy once seemed destined to be that of a pompous, arrogant game show host and real estate fraudster. Nothing but a textbook example of that which one would describe as “tacky”.

Now he is simply: “What was the name of the President who’s often xenophobic campaign and subsequent election highlighted the deep political divisions of the late 2010s?”

The answer is “(C) Donald J. Trump