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eon4/25/2009 2:56:53 pm PDT

re: #120 EmmmieG

I would think a genuine history of the Hitler youth would be okay, especially if it included the way they were used and duped. In fact, such a history might just be a good idea to have kids read it so they can see what a trap looks like.

(The book linked by Charles is not that. It’s their marches and songs.)

Probably the most authoritative book on the subject, and also oddly enough one of the least expensive, is Hitler Youth; The Duped Generation by Prof. H. W. Koch, from the old Ballantine Illustrated History of the Violent Century series, published in 1972. Professor Koch was at the time Lecturer in Modern History at the University of York. He was also a former member of the Hitlerjugend himself, so he spoke with some authority on exactly what the organization did to German children, why, and how it did it.