Wednesday Night Music: Pat Metheny Group, 'Have You Heard'

Dark_Falcon2/17/2010 8:44:49 pm PST

re: #122 Floral Giraffe

Hey. What’re you doing getting hit by ice fragments?
Are you OK? That sounds like it would hurt.

re: #131 Irenicum

Ah man! Hope you feel better. I had heavy fall on my head this morning cleaning off my car gettting ready for work. Thankfully I was able to get to the Ash Wednesday service tonight. Very powerful. First one I’ve been to in years.

I’m fine. I was clearing built up ice off an overhang at work and it fell on me instead of just hitting the ground. It put a couple of cuts in my forehead, but did no other damage. They didn’t even hurt much. I disinfected them with some help from a co-worker and they’re closing up nicely, but I did not think putting ashes on a scabbed-over area was a good idea.