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mmmirele4/20/2019 7:58:45 am PDT

re: #21 Dr Lizardo

Meanwhile, in the state of Washington:


OK, I know more about this Genesis II church than I should, because, well, it hits on some of my other interests, like scams, quack treatments for autism, fake churches, and of course, Scientology. The founder of “Genesis II” church is Jim Humble, and like so many “new religion” leaders, he went through Scientology.

You can do the searching on Google, using MMS and autism and you’ll get scads and scads of stories where people feed this INDUSTRIAL BLEACH to their children as an “autism cure.” Parents are deliberately harming their children because, as with vaccinations, they can’t bring themselves to listen to authorities and instead listen to quacks like Humble. It infuriates me.

Here, for example, is a story about a mom who was arrested for giving her daughter MMS. It also has a rundown of a number of similar stories:

Blergh, gah, I HATE this.