Outrageous Outrage of the Day

Jack Burton5/06/2010 10:45:16 am PDT

re: #77 darthstar

The kids wearing the American flag shirts were just acting like their parents(just without the Obama=Hitler signs). It wasn’t about American pride, it was an ‘in your face’ attempt at insulting the hispanic students. Sure, the admin could have handled the situation better, but this is good for a week’s worth of outrage on Fox, and then it’ll blow over. The four kids will probably get to enjoy being called teabaggers by their friends for a few weeks longer.

I’m with JasonA on this. Despite what the intentions of these kids were, the fact that people bent over backwards to try to avoid an incident is ridiculous. If the sight of Americans wearing American flags on their clothes in the US is enough to incite violence among some students, they are the problem, not the people with the shirts on. It was an American flag, not the Stars and Bars, not a Nazi Flag, not a KKK symbol, not the Hamas or Hezbollah flags, or any other symbol of ignorance or oppression. Any reasonable person would blow it off, maybe call them a bunch of douchebags out of earshot for doing it that day and move on. It’s not worth bashing someones head in over or getting so bent out of shape as to be traumatized by it.

I will agree though, the right-wing kookosphere will go barking nuts about this way out of proportion to the incident.