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iceweasel7/07/2010 6:42:59 pm PDT

re: #120 Killgore Trout

Why I am blacklisted by MSNBC
by kos

Heh. Saw that this am and was going to do a page on it.

If you read all the links in there, it’s pretty clear (at least to me) that kos is being a little disingenuous by claiming the ‘dead intern’ crack wasn’t aimed at Scarborough. It certainly was, even though I think he also meant the Condit story.

But I also think it’s idiotic that MSNBC is responding by banning him, and kos is spot on in his assessment of the behind the scenes reasons (MSNBC, Morning Joe being the baby, etc).

Too bad kos didnt call a SCOTUS justice a ‘goar fucking child molester’ on twitter. That lands you a CNN gig— when you’re on the right.