Slap Fight of the Day: Wikileaks vs Pernicious G

wheat-dogg, raker of forests, master of steam5/19/2014 7:42:46 pm PDT

re: #137 Dark_Falcon

The funny part is that Chipotle wouldn’t care if it was just people carrying a concealed handgun. Even open carry of a pistol might have become accepted. But instead these goofballs had to bring in rifles and make a big show of being armed. As a result, they got asked to stop using Chipotle restaurants as places to strike their Patriot PosesTM.

Maybe it’s just me, but if I owned a restaurant, the only open-carry patrons I’d want would be cops. Everyone else could just leave their weapons at home, or go eat somewhere else. There is no need in a civilized society for civilians to carry firearms while doing their everyday business.