Seth Meyers: Trump Says Mueller Shouldn't Testify, as Cohen Goes to Prison [VIDEO]

Done Ben Wrote5/07/2019 8:13:27 am PDT

re: #103 The Vicious Babushka

Mitch McConnell.

May that name surpass “Benedict Arnold” as the greatest traitor to the United States. May his children change their names to escape the stain of their siring. May his grand-children and great-grandchildren become liberal champions of the poor and powerless as they attempt to regain their family’s honor. May he learn of their achievements only third- or fourth- hand, for their shunning of him.

May no child be named Mitch, for the terrible stigma of that name. May all McConnells hasten to assure strangers that they are no relation to the most infamous bearer of that name.

May association with the Republican Party that he lead become anathema. May “ex-Republican” become the kiss-of-death to any political hopeful. May every Republican achievement of his lifetime be undone. May restitution for those they have injured be swift.

And may he live a long life to see it all happen.