A Mini-Concert by a Great Songwriter: Bob Schneider Live at Paste Studio [VIDEO]

goddamnedfrank11/16/2019 4:56:31 pm PST

re: #132 Jay C

For sure: but this fable would probably only last as long as it takes a picture of “poor worn-out old Donald” cavorting around a golf course somewhere to hit the Internet.

But I’m also sure his cultists would move right on to some other bitter gripe…..

Trump’s problem is his greatest current strength, that he does in fact lead a cult. But it’s not his cult and not exactly Trump per se that the cult worships, but power. These same fucks loved Bush right up until the point where he wasn’t powerful and worshiping him wasn’t useful anymore. A small, possibly significant faction will continue to treat Trump like a God, but most on the right will move on and retcon their past support as simply necessary to own the libs. IOW new God who dis?