About That DHS Report on Right-Wing Extremism

zombie4/14/2009 7:55:35 pm PDT

One more unwise butting in on my part:

It seems to me that there are actually THREE views about this report, and I’m taking the unacknowledged “third view”

The alarmist view:
1. The report is evidence that the Obama Administration is going to do domestic surveillance and harrassment of mainstream right-wing and conservative groups, lumping them together with more violent racist groups.

The “moderate” view (mine):
2. The report is just a political hit piece; no one’s going to be monitored illegally or unfairly, no Black Helicopters are coming to get anybody. It was just an attempt by Democratic strategists to tarnish the image of conservatism by conflating it with racism and reactionary violence.

The “don’t over-react” view:
3. The report contains true statements, so one can’t really dismiss it out of hand. The alarmists are making us look foolish.

Perhaps if there had not been a massive alarmist response, there would not have been a need for a countervaling “don’t over-react” response.

My view is based simply on my gut-level reading of it, without taking into account everyone else’s reactions. I wonder, however, how many people would agree with the “middle” view if they were not influenced in various ways by the political fallout that the report has generated.