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HappyWarrior1/28/2019 6:11:59 am PST

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I’ve said it before when ‘assimilating’ comes up, and it always bears repeating: Assimilation is a two-way street. Immigrants can put in all the effort into assimilating that they can and it won’t make a fuck of difference if the ‘natives’ refuse to concede any sort of acceptance outside of total ‘passing’.

This is why Europe has its immigration crisis for the most part. Not immigrants ‘refusing’ to assimilate, but societies refusing to see them as potential new citizens, and instead just as warm bodies for work.


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Clearly, refugees just need to try harder to assimilate.

Right. And TBH as much as I like Europe, historically we’ve been pretty good at welcoming newcomers and Miller’s attitude is disgusting and quite honestly UnAmerican.