Seth Meyers: Bernie Wins New Hampshire, While Trump Is Off the Leash

The Pie Overlord!2/13/2020 2:24:11 pm PST

OH HAI all you old programmers, I just got this job description which intrigues me but I’m not gonna come out of retirement & move to Colorado unless I get the really big bucks:

Client needs someone who can look at their VAX servers, read the code, and explain it to them.

They should be programmatically sound with VAX(EDT Editor), Fortran, and Pascal. MUST HAVE ALL THREE.

If the code is compiled and there is no source code, they are fucked.

If there is source code but they can’t understand it, that’s gonna cost the big bucks.

Why didn’t they do this 20 years ago at Y2K? That was the last time I worked on a VAX.