Protomartyr's Vision of Police State Dystopia: "Michigan Hammers"

Florida Panhandler9/13/2020 6:11:48 am PDT

re: #32 Romantic Heretic

If Trump does go to Russia he will ‘fall out of a window’ within a week, at most.

An old KGB apparatchik like Putin knows you don’t leave assets likely to talk among the living.

I think not. Dictators love their trophies. Trump would represent the single greatest trophy in recorded history.

Putin will relish in the propaganda until Trump’s natural death, upon which Trump’s body will be treated to the Lenin treatment as a permanently preserved display in Red Square. Russians for decades if not centuries can relish in the fact they successfully conducted a Manchurian Candidate operation and brought thr most powerful country the world has ever seen to its knees.