Despite Safety and Other Concerns, Nuclear Power Saves Lives, Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Varek Raith5/29/2013 1:37:48 pm PDT

re: #13 Political Atheist

Do you expect them to stay the majority forever? I don’t. The whole point here is a much larger, longer term picture than this seasons majority.

Have you compared nuclear energy deaths and illnesses to coal and oil?

Which is really the killer?

Nope, not forever. A Pres. election cycle or two.

True, but all it takes is for one nuke plant to meltdown. Imagine Indian Point or North Anna for example. I’d rather we have actual regulatory bodies in place before approving more plants. Basically, Fukushima has completely soured me against the industry with their actions and the Japanese govts. covering for them. The same is not so far off here. (BP) They need to build trust and fast.