LGF Religious Diversity (Part Three)

CuriousLurker4/09/2016 2:41:36 pm PDT

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Thanks CL, I knew I’d get some good advice from you.

You’re welcome!

The results here are the most interesting, IMO, in that the number of agnostics, atheists, and unaffiliated is much higher in comparison to believers in traditional religions than it is in the general population. According to a Pew study from 2015, about 70% of Americans are Christian, 23% are agnostic/atheist/unaffiliated, and 7% are of other “Non-Christian Faiths” (Jewish Muslim Buddhist, Hindu, etc.).

Here at LGF about 65.5% are agnostic/atheist/unaffiliated, 15.5% are Christian, and 19% are of other “Non-Christian Faiths” (Jewish, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, etc. with Judaism, at 13.8%, having representation that’s about 7x greater here than it has nationally, at 1.9%). Obviously, the actual numbers may be different since the poll is voluntary and not exactly scientific, but it’s still an interestingly atypical mix compared to the country at large.

I guess the Global Caliphate is going to have to wait a while longer, huh? //

One other thing: At 83.3%, LGF is up to 20 points whiter than the country at large (depending on how you define “white”—apparently there are at least three categories).

Looks like that white genocide plan isn’t working out either. *sigh* //