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Blind Frog Belly White8/28/2018 4:06:01 pm PDT

re: #9 ThomasLite

I’d also kind of question the wisdom of bearhunting with bow and arrow? I mean, making hunting fowl/rabbit/deer/whatever a bit more sporting with a bow and arrow, sure (come to think of it, hunting birds probably not the best of ideas? ehh).

Hunting a bear? I’d want some damn firepower at the ready in case the first shot or two miss. Heh, they don’t call it coming ‘loaded for bear’ for nothing, right?

And yeah, given how bear populations seem to be doing across North America, it’s either issuing hunting permits or having local fish&wildlife expend valuable resources culling the lot periodically. Seems like a win win, if responsibly managed.

You could make the same argument about hunting feral pigs with Bow’n’arras, but people do it quite a bit. And some get cut doing it. I have hunted pigs with a bow, but not with any success. Closest I came to a pig was actually at an archery tournament. Damn thing busted out of the brush about 5 yards ahead of us on the trail then disappeared.

A number of bowhunters who go after the more dangerous bears like Grizzlies have a guide with a backup rifle. This feels kinda like cheating, but discretion is the better part of valor.

People don’t like deer eating their gardens, or bears, lions, or coyotes eating their pets (or children), so some form of wildlife management is necessary. You can either let people pay you to hunt and kill the wildlife, or you can pay professionals to do it. One of these makes more fiscal sense, and honestly the animal doesn’t care whether a hunter or a sniper fires the shot.