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jaunte2/25/2009 5:33:50 pm PST

Fact-checking: The $140 million was not just for volcano-monitoring:

The reference about volcanoes might have given Jindal an opening for an attempt at snark in his next sentence (“eruption of spending”), but it wasn’t based in reality. Here’s what the stimulus law actually has to say on the issue:

US Geological Survey

For an additional amount for ”Surveys, Investigations, and Research”, $140,000,000, for repair, construction and restoration of facilities; equipment replacement and upgrades including stream gages, and seismic and volcano monitoring systems; national map activities; and other critical deferred maintenance and improvement projects.

It’s very hard to read that statement and honestly conclude that the law is spending $140 million on volcano monitoring. They do mention volcano monitoring, but it’s clearly not the only thing that’s being funded. Jindal was clearly ignoring the truth in his attempt to paint the bill in the worst light possible.