Media Matters: The Worst of Pamela Geller

Walter L. Newton7/14/2010 1:41:15 pm PDT

re: #10 Charles

There’s a post about Geller at Daily Kos too, with a bunch of quotes misattributed to Loonwatch that were actually written by me, followed by a cheap shot at LGF: Daily Kos: MSNBC: Markos is not welcome, but racist crackpot Pamela Geller is.

If anyone has an account at DK, would you please let them know that the majority of the quotes in that article actually originated from this “right wing nutter” right here?

Er… you probably already know this, but, just in case. Loonwatch has a picture of geller on the blog entry they have, and it is a picture of her in a white tee shirt with little green footballs and a lizard printed on it.

You down with that?