UN: Execution of Gays no Longer Condemned

Nyet11/22/2010 5:06:58 am PST

re: #11 Bob Levin

Stalinist Russia was pretty effective at elimination dissension up until 1988. Stalin himself died in the 1950s. Kruschev was no puppy. It was happening while the UN still had respect around the world. I wasn’t really expecting them to address the deeds of Lenin, or anything occurring during WWII.

But during the heyday of the UN, the decolonialism of the 1950s, they certainly could have addressed the USSR, China, and Cuba—which I didn’t mention above.

Again, there is no doubt that USSR was totalitarian almost until the end. It’s just, first of all, after Stalin most dissidents/critics weren’t murdered. Second, the peak of mass lethal repressions and murderous negligence under Stalin was in the 1930s - most of the victims died in this decade, as well as in the first years of the Great Patriotic War (e.g. GULAG deaths peaked due to the difficult situation). It doesn’t mean that in 1945 Stalin wasn’t murdering, it was just done on a much smaller scale, not on a mass scale as before. So most victims that you mentioned were dead by the time the UN was created. Stopping other forms of repression may be a fair argument, but you brought up specifically millions of dead victims.