Adam, Eve, Human Genetics, and the Collapse of a Fundamentalist Worldview

Bob Levin6/02/2011 5:06:38 pm PDT

re: #13 windsagio

There’s just an occasional turn of phrase that comes up and I’m like, ‘what? People are really worried about that?’

Yeah. There are thoughts that get into folks’ heads, and those thoughts just eat up their brains, like a really bad computer virus. I watch quite a few shows about Nazi Germany. Mostly to answer questions I have. But you see this notion of Aryan superiority that is at the heart of Hitler’s military decisions. It ended up killing millions of his own soldiers, such as his refusal to allow retreat—since the genetic superiority should prevail in battle.

There was one story that one of Adolph’s childhood friends told. She was visiting one of his places and she told him that killing the Jews, the camps, are just wrong. He replied that thousands of his own soldiers were getting killed, which is upsetting the genetic balance of Europe—so to re-balance Europe, he had to kill Jews.

One of the repeating lessons in the Torah is—you may not believe this, but people really do think like this. Not a lot, but just enough to inflict a great deal of damage and pain.

PS: You’re always good to talk to even if we’re coming from very very different places, so thanks :D

Thank you. That is the main idea of this site, isn’t it? To work it all out in a civilized, respectful way. It’s hard not to get on board with that sentiment.