The Perfect VP for Romney: Tim Pawlenty, Friendly Creationist Loon

palomino7/16/2012 6:37:57 pm PDT

We were already bored to death by Pawlenty once. Mitt’s only rationale could be putting someone on the ticket who couldn’t conceivably take the spotlight away from him. In short, Pawlenty’s no game changer and he doesn’t have the attack dog instincts Romney needs in a running mate. If he announces Pawlenty this week, everyone will snooze. And it won’t provide the Romney camp’s desired distraction from Bain. Bet on Rubio—he’s young, Hispanic, from FL, and at least has a pulse compared to the other names being thrown around.

OK, Christie also has a pulse…but it races, and makes him red, sweaty, and irrational. I don’t think having a confrontational controversial blowhard helps much. Mitt’s team would spend half its time cleaning up Christie’s latest insult/tirade.